TikTok Takes World by Storm

TikTok, the newest online craze, has taken over the brains and social media feeds of teens all over the nation. From funny dances to storytimes, TikTok videos can mesmerize any viewer. This new social media platform has exploded onto the phone screens of many people, being the most downloaded app with over 188 million downloads at the beginning of 2019, according to Sensor Tower.  

The once-popular lip syncing app Musical.ly was bought by the company Bytedance in China, according to Business Insider. They then married the app with their app TikTok, ending Musical.ly’s reign. Musical.ly was known for its cringe-worthy videos of people singing along with pop and rap artists. Kids like Jacob Sartorius rose to fame from recording themselves lip syncing along to popular songs while making simple hand gestures. The basic editing capabilities of the app took videos to a whole new level. The seventeen-year-old Sartorius now has a net worth of over three million dollars, and Musical.ly gave him the platform to get there. If you haven’t watched one of his old Musical.lys, I encourage you to proceed with caution. TikTok took Musical.ly to the next level, giving it a more respected platform. With over 10 million, Lisa and Lena had the most followers on Musical.ly. On TikTok, Loren Gray is the leader with almost 35 million followers. TikTok changed Musical.ly for the better, increasing its popularity and reputation.

Not only is TikTok for the famous, but it is also for everyone. A fellow BBCHS student, Chase Bouck, says, “I just downloaded TikTok two days ago, and I’m already addicted.” Students make videos during class downtime, in the hallways, and even secretly under desks. Going a whole day without any interaction with the app is almost impossible for a highschooler. The app allows for entertainment, hacks, music, dancing, tricks, and storytimes. It is hard to be on the app for only a couple of minutes. An hour later, you still catch yourself scrolling. You will soon find yourself referencing TikToks in everyday situations, quoting the song, or doing the dances.

Because making an account is so easy, it attracts a wide range of users. You can find TikToks from anyone between middle school and adults. The best part is, just because you have an account, you don’t have to post. An account permits the user to look up others, “like” other TikToks, and save the ones they want to remain private to their drafts. The ultimate goal is to get one of your videos on the “For You” page, where all TikTok users scroll to view recommended videos. This is where the real views come into play. 

Whether you have a TikTok account or not, it is becoming a real epidemic affecting everyone. If you don’t have one, you’re left out and don’t understand the jokes. If you do, it’s hard to resist the hours of scrolling. Sending funny TikToks to friends has filled up text feeds, leaving no room for actual conversations anymore. 

It is hard to deny TikTok’s takeover. It is everywhere you look. Before downloading the app, consider how you want to spend your time.