How to Take the Shame Out of Your Dating Game

First dates can be a nightmare, which is one reason why more and more people are turning to social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, and dating apps like Tinder to meet and talk to people.

I experienced this personally since I met my boyfriend, Joseph, on Snapchat and ever since we decided to meet up after snapping for a week, we’ve been together for over a year. Meeting through social media is an easy way to avoid first impressions on first dates since you don’t have to be face to face with them. Talking before you go on your first date helps both people to understand each other and to see whether they should or shouldn’t go on a date. 

But there are pros and cons to going on a blind date. One of the pros is that you can get first hand experience of how they are personally and how they react when meeting you, without the trouble of talking to them on social media for weeks then immediately regretting the first date because of their cocky or ill-mannered attitude in person.

The cons of a first date include the awkwardness and the unplanned questions you ask just to start a conversation, which usually dies out anyway because of your poor choice of questions.

Since I’m obviously an expert on first dates considering the fact that I personally survived my own first first date with my current boyfriend, I have a few tips and tricks from other sources and myself, for you to survive on your own first date. This can work for anyone and could possibly lead to a second date if all goes well.

Tip number 1: Meeting someone in an outdoor setting can help decrease the awkwardness you can get from being face to face with someone in an indoor setting like a restaurant. My boyfriend, Joseph Osborn, agreed (of course), saying, “Being on a first date is already awkward itself, but what would make it even worse is sitting down in a restaurant or even in a movie theater and starting awkward conversations about a topic that you don’t really care about.” 

You can avoid those situations by having a date outside. For example, Joseph and I took a walk in the Indian caves at Perry Farm for our very first date. Instead of the pressure of having to create a topic to talk about, we talked about what was happening at that moment. We laughed about how we’d slip and almost fall on the slippery rocks down in the caves. It was more fun and enjoyable to have a date outside, there were more things to do and laugh about. Dates outside can take you both on an adventure you weren’t expecting to go well, but taking risks is what life is all about.

Second tip: Always look presentable. No matter the occasion or weather, always try to dress to impress. Hygiene is key! (Cough* Cough* Boys). You’re going on a date with a girl and what do you do? You wear a basic white shirt and grey sweatpants covered with tiny specks of stains and wear cheap cologne covering you from your head to your toes. A female from a mile away can see (and smell) that’s a big, red flag. And ladies, having a natural look and a cute outfit is all you need. 

Bonus tip: I asked one of my guy friends what pickup lines he has received or given to someone to help you with your own dates. Brock, a senior at a nearby high school, had never had a serious relationship, unfortunately; but he has been on a few tragic dates. He offers, “I haven’t used this yet, but a pickup line that would definitely get you on a date would be ‘you must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.'”

Poor Brock. 

If none of these tips landed you a date, then all hope is lost. Might as well just stay single. No, I’m just teasing you. Not all these tips might work for everyone, but that pickup line could definitely land you your first date. Or maybe your last.