Coach Ro, Leaving a Legacy

“My coaching life has taught me to appreciate small rewards, friendships, understanding differences, patience, gratitude, sacrifices and family (soccer family).”

Michael Sorich , Staff Writer

The BBCHS Boys Varsity Soccer Team won 3rd place in the IHSA Finals for the second consecutive year; however with many of the seniors leaving, it will be difficult to achieve the same accomplishments with a younger and less experienced team. Despite numerous years with different team members, the coach has remained the same.

Rohan Robinson, or “Coach Ro”, as his players call him, has been the head coach of the BBCHS Boys Varsity Soccer Team for the past 12 years. The boys start their season with summer league and then go straight to practice every day when school resumes. Practice is not an easy two-hour session; Ro has them working until the cool down at the end of practice. He has been using the same drills, as well as coming up with more efficient drills and line ups,  each and every year. Efra Davila, a three-time All-American Player says, “Sometimes practices would be going so well that some of the players would stay after practice was over and kick the ball, because soccer was that fun with the team.” Davila gives all his thanks to the coaching staff and said he wouldn’t be the player he is if not for Ro and all that he has taught him while under his wing during his high school career.

Coach Ro has used his coaching to even help with his personal life. Soccer has taught him a lot from being more grateful, concerning connections with players, as well as striving through the competition with a well thought-out strategy. He says, “My coaching life has taught me to appreciate small rewards, friendships, understanding differences, patience, gratitude, sacrifices and family (soccer family).” He is a tough coach that is passionate for the game and it shows on, and off, of the field.

Next year the soccer team will come together and work on what they have, but with very few seniors, this year’s juniors will have to come together as a team and new leaders will have to rise up. The captain of next year’s team will be junior Pete Sorich, who was named rookie of the year and an all conference player. “It will take everyone on the team next year to come together and play as a team to get back to where we got this year or even farther.” Ro adds, “Next year with a younger team we will continue to complete at the highest level, once we can get our athletes to buy into our system of play we will be successful.” Over the past two years, the boys have had records with 25-1 and 21-4-1, with next year looking to come close to those records.

Coach Ro has made history at BBCHS for Varsity Soccer, bringing home two state trophies, and continuing his coaching career at BB for many more years to come. He strives to bring success to the sport, but without the help of the school, community, coaching staffs, and athletic program, he would not have been able to accomplish what he has. He states, “Final note, [with] my coaching staff through the years and devoted athletes who have played and set the bar a bit higher each season, our success is a testament to all our athletes. 1974 World Cup winner, Germany, believes it was important to, ‘stay hungry or stay foolish.’ BBCHS will be hungry next season.”