What is Boiler Block?

The newest mandatory class added to the schedule of all BBCHS students.

Angelica Sherer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Many students of whom attend BBCHS were surprised when they got their new schedule for the 2017-2018 school year and saw “Boiler Block” as one of their classes. Is Boiler Block for a grade? Is it everyday? What’s the point? What even is Boiler Block? These are just some of the many questions swarming around the school amongst the vast student body. I’m here to answer some of your questions and show you some of the many benefits of Boiler Block.

Is Boiler Block a grade? No. Boiler Block is not for a grade but, it is required. There are many activities that happen in Boiler Block that are necessary for making a student’s life easier and a little less stressful. Some days include checking grades and making plans on how to raise one’s G.P.A. While other days include, study time and signing up for extra help outside of your assigned Boiler Block.

What’s the point? Boiler Block is here to help students get organized and socialize with people from one’s class. Usually, many students don’t have the time nor patience to check grades and get extra help. Thankfully, Boiler Block gives students the extra time and help to get said things accomplished.

What even is Boiler Block? Teachers describe Boiler Block as “a goal center” or “a time for students to get their grades together and organize.” Senior Aaliyah Hull said, “My Boiler Block really helps me prepare for the future. As a student athlete, it is sometimes a struggle for me to have the time to do my homework and manage my grades. Since Boiler Block, I haven’t had any problems keeping my grades to where they should be. I love it.”

As you can see, Boiler Block is a great addition to the BBCHS schedule and helps students in many ways, academically and socially.