BBCHS Students Broaden Interests in Electives

Practice numbers in math and formulas in science, study grammar in english and run track in PE, grab pizza in the cafeteria for lunch and finish out the day learning events in history. Although order of classes and names of specific courses may vary, this is the schedule of a typical high school student. However,  it seems one class has been left out.

The period taken up by an elective course can be easily skimmed by some, but it’s not something students want to leave off their to-do list when looking into classes to enroll in next school year. For many, an elective period is a great way to explore new interests and pick up extra skills for what comes after high school.

One thing students can be grateful for at BBCHS is the abundance of electives available for enrollment. Just this year, a Ukulele as well as a  Baking course have been introduced to the curriculum. And that’s not including the electives that have been around for years, including: Creative Writing, Photography, and Parenting. These electives alone allow students a more efficient learning experience which is catered to their particular interests and needs.

Whether interested in Social Studies, Businesses, Languages, or the Arts, an elective class is worth looking into. And with the time to pick next year’s schedule quickly approaching, students shouldn’t be afraid to talk to their counselor about the right courses for them. Although, they may ask be asking themselves: “What class is right for me?” With so many classes to choose from, a few students got into the nit and grit of their courses to give others a better idea of what BB has to offer.

Senior, Isaac Vent, anyone could tell he was excited for the new courses BBCHS had to offer. Those who know Isaac would agree he is an active student, participating in many electives such as Spanish, Current Events, and Anatomy. When asked if he benefited from his Current Events class, he smiled, “It’s important for us to know what’s going on. I usually spend more time stressing than researching it (the news). It keeps me up to date.”  Vent explained he finds the class interesting, and important for students considering the fast-paced world we live in.

Junior Shelby Potter had input on her electives, which she labels “the best part of the school day.”Enrolled in Art Studio III and a part of the National Art Honor Society, Potter holds a passion in her heart for the more creative courses our school has to offer. She claims, “A lot of kids end up not knowing what they’re doing in life because they’re not exposed to the option of creative career paths.”

Potter wishes to remind students to not be afraid to try something new and creative, no matter how “pointless” they’ve been told the course is. And if parents are nervous about their child’s success in the future,  an art or fashion apparel class may not be as big of a waste of time as they think. According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Business, “CEOs identify “creativity” as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.”

Junior Noah Ghere was the perfect candidate for sharing his opinion on the importance of the business based electives our school has to offer. A straight-A student with interest in investing, he was asked as to why he believes classes such as Intro to Business and Financial Investments are beneficial. He claimed, “A lot of people are interested in hardline pursuits. When I’m older and graduated from high school I want to become a stockbroker.” Ghere explained how electives allow students to explore interests, such as stock broking, which required classes cannot go into detail on. In his class, students are faced with situations a real investor may be put in, preparing them for a future in business.

Between that lunch period and history course, students have space for an elective. Whether its Culinary Arts, Independent Living, or maybe even Mass Communications, an elective period is a great way to explore interests and expand skills for the future. If interested in the classes mentioned here, or curious as to what other classes BB has to offer, students can make an appointment with their counselor  in the counseling office, or visit for a list of available courses.