Blind Babies? BBCHS Spring Play Preview


Cast members Nolan Lewis and Amy Winkle

Jakob Zirbel, Staff Writer

Starting February 23 at seven o’clock p.m., BBCHS will present Plays From Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind. The show features 30 two-minute plays in an hour. What adds to the interest is the audience is expected to simply shout out the number of the play they would like to see, therefore adding a challenge to the actors. However, as the Student Director, Bailey Carruthers states, “We will be setting a timer at the beginning of the play. If the buzzer sounds before they complete the 30 plays, the show is over, regardless whether they complete all the plays or not.” The actors are expected to improvise part of the show, since it is nearly impossible to predict the order of the plays. To add to the chaos, actors are also expected to know what props go with which play, adding a greater need for their improv skills.

The cast includes Brody Milling, Faith Quigley, George Harris III, Caitlyn Ozee, Grant Provost, Kailie Patterson, Nolan Lewis, Amy Winkle, Jarod Borem, Bailey Carruthers, Alex Wesolowki, Bryan McGarey, Claire Tanner, Phillip Koerner, Noah Hartsfield, Morgan Krause, Kara Weller, and Lauren Smarjesse, all of whom are ready to present this rather interesting and fast-paced comedy.

As play director, Mr. Stefan Benoit, says  “Once we worked out the nuts and bolts of the show, it was amazing to see these students join into the project with group creativity, and how they worked together.” Overall, this does not appear to be a play anyone would want to miss.