Backstage “Faces”

Chloee Kuk, BBCHS Junior, reflects back on her experience working as the makeup intern for the 2017 summer musical, “The Lion King Jr.”.


Official poster from the BBCHS production, “The Lion King Jr.”, directed by David C. Morgan.

Angelica Sherer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Although actresses and actors in plays and musicals are considered to be the “face” of the show, have you ever wondered who is in charge of the actual “face” of the show?

This summer, the BBCHS Drama Department gave many opportunities to get a first-hand look on what it is like to work backstage with the young actresses and actors in the BBCHS production, The Lion King Jr.

The staff of Boiler Media got a chance to sit down with the talented makeup intern, Chloee Kuk, who saw the opportunity to work backstage and ran with it. When asked what it was like to take on such a demanding task, Chloee stated, “I was a makeup intern for the actresses and actors in The Lion King Jr. I’ve had a passion for makeup since I was in the sixth grade, so this year I wanted to sort of take it to the next level.”

Chloee Kuk has been apart of the on stage theatre world ever since she was ten years old so, being on the other side of the curtain was a fairly new experience for her. When asked about some of the challenges faced during production, Kuk stated, “Trying to incorporate the African theme of The Lion King into the overall makeup look was a bit challenging but, also very fun.”

Without people like Chloee working efficiently and contributing behind the scenes, theatre productions would not be able to happen, let alone look as great as they do. For more on this story including pictures of Chloee’s amazing makeup work, check out her interview on the second installment of Double Vision when it airs on Friday September 15, 2017, on our YouTube channel at, Boiler Media BBCHS.