A Tale of Two Homecomings

Most could say BBCHS has always been on top of their game with their yearly school dances. With Homecoming, Winter Ball, and prom, they’ve always made a good impression and made the dances a memorable experience. No matter the price they’ve always managed to make it worth the cost. 

However, some students from BBCHS were very disappointed with the turnout of this year’s Homecoming dance. Many students, including senior Terry Prude, a student who attended the dance, confessed that,” The DJ was all over the place, not playing very good songs, and would play remixes and cut in the middle of songs. The whole parking lot was also piled right next to the DJ even though we had all this space. A lot of lower classmen were very immature and I felt like they were causing the majority of the problem of throwing glow sticks and water bottles, unlike where the upperclassmen were just trying to enjoy their time.”

School dances are never complete without a good DJ and respectful classmates. Very unfortunate for those whose last homecoming dance was this year. 

Twenty miles away a smaller school with low expectations for their dances was having a homecoming dance the same night. Herscher High School was fortunate enough to have their dance in a bus garage, unlike BBCHS, where the dance was held in the teachers parking lot. Herscher students were also fortunate enough to have plenty of mini pastries like brownies, rice krispy treats, chocolate chip mini muffins, and more.

Herscher is far smaller than BBCHS, giving it more opportunities to do various things that BB can’t do with 2,100 students. Including having a pep rally for homecoming, something BB students always look forward to. This year, unfortunately, they didn’t host an assembly in the gym or even in the bleachers outside. Herscher, with a smaller population of 530, was blessed to have a prep rally. Joseph Osborn, a student from Herscher High School who attended his school’s dance and prep rally said, “I’ve only been to Homecoming once, but this year was one of the best dances ever. The prep rally was exciting, and we got to play games, and I was chosen to do musical chairs. I lost, but it was still enjoyable.”

Chloe Krause, a senior from BBCHS who also attended Herscher’s homecoming, was very impressed with the outcome of their dance. She said, “The DJ played very good music, and the price was very fair for what we had. They put in a lot of effort to find a space for their school and made homemade snacks that were separately wrapped and [COVID-safe]. They also put a lot of thought into the decorations and accessories like the photo booth and picture wall they put up for free pictures.”  

BB is infamous for having high prices for their dances but also having high expectations. This year’s homecoming, however, had a reasonable price of $25. This might not seem low, but compared to past years’ dances that were up to $50, it was very cheap, and many students also thought it was a fair price. 

This might also have to do with the fact that BB has a large number of students. Also considering the fact that they also invite students from other schools in past dances before COVID. However, this year they didn’t invite anyone from neighboring schools even though plenty of students like Prude thought they had plenty of room in the teacher parking lot. 

Both schools did what they could to make the dance a memorable event. Many people could list pros and cons for both dances, but at the same time they were fit for each school.