Get Up, Get Out, and Get Involved

Within this past year, COVID-19 has stripped students from so many new opportunities and experiences. Being a freshman or even sophomore enduring COVID and being full remote means you may not be aware of everything this school has to offer in terms of clubs and activities. BBCHS is full of extra curricular activities that allow the chance for students to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Art Club, Best Buddies, Gay-Straight Alliance, Speech Team, Ecology Club, Drama Club, Chess, Youth & Government, Robotics, Scholastic Bowl, Math Team, and Leo’s Club represent just a small sampling of the many clubs and activities available here at BBCHS.

Best Buddies is an organization that pairs students with disabilities with their peers to create meaningful friendships and memories.  They have a variety of activities throughout the year including a talent show, Best Buddies Prom, movie nights, bowling parties, and more. Many of these special-needs students have been isolated from socialization due to circumstances revolving COVID, but with Best Buddies back we can give these students a friendship they will never forget. Joining this club gives students the opportunity to reconnect with friends and peers and to improve their communication skills and participate in school events. Sponsors for this club include Mrs. Kaelyn Bess ([email protected]), Ms. Sam Soosh ([email protected]), Ms. Emily Wilcox ([email protected]), and Mrs. Molly Rudniski ([email protected]).

Chess is a competitive activity that does not draw a lot of attention; however it is something that could be fun to try. It requires no prior knowledge of chess, just an open mind and a willingness to learn the game. Things to consider with playing chess is that it activates strategic thinking, understanding the process of patience, and keeping a poker face, all things that can be an advantage to students later on in life. The sponsors are Mr. Craig Ryan ([email protected]) and Mr. Bill Sadler ([email protected]).

If you have a strong connection to nature and hope to make a positive impact on  the care and protection of our ecosystem, then Ecology Club is perfect for you. Ecology Club specializes in helping students both get service hours and show their willingness to help make our local community more ecologically friendly. They participate in activities such as river cleanup, prairie restoration, garden work, recycling initiatives, and planting trees. Helping better our community not only feels amazing, but also looks great on college transcripts. So if you are interested in giving back to mother nature and you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, the sponsor in charge of this organization is Mr. Tony Swafford ([email protected]).

With how everything has changed because of COVID, being in high school, and growing up, it is completely understandable and valid to feel isolated or misunderstood. Even if you are not feeling those emotions and you are just searching for a way to spread love and acceptance, then the Gay-Straight Alliance is where you need to be. This group is a support network of students and staff at BB who value people regardless of sexuality or gender identity. This is a safe place for you to be you and to be accepted for the beautiful person you are. Sponsors and contact information are Mrs. Laneah Ravn ([email protected]) and Ms.Kelly Carey ([email protected]).

Math Team is another great club that gives students the chance to practice their skills of math and compete against other schools. It is a competitive environment that allows students who are gifted with abilities in math to express it within a group of people who share the same love for the subject. Sponsors are Mr. Mark Hampton ([email protected]), Mrs. Adina Johnston ([email protected]) & Ms. Haylee Beck ([email protected])

Ironclad (Robotics) is composed of students with a passion for STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) that will be able to compete at competitions while gaining valuable skills that will last for a lifetime. In robotics you work on things such as web design, video editing, helping others, assembling and driving robots, programming, marketing, presentations, and design. Coaches include Mr. Mark Hampton ([email protected]), Mrs. Adina Johnston ([email protected]) & Mr. Geoff Gross ([email protected]).

 If you are looking for a way to get more involved with community events then Leo’s club is perfect. Leo’s Club is a service organization involved in different community activities. These activities include monthly pancake breakfasts, Sleepy Hollow, and other various community events. Club sponsor Mrs. Laurie Januski says, “We are always looking for volunteers for Sleepy Hollow as well as volunteers to be a waitress for our monthly pancake breakfast at the American Legion.” Contact Mrs. Januski ([email protected]) if you would like to get involved.

With the many difficulties of COVID, these clubs have not had a chance to be acknowledged for all the great opportunities and experiences they have to offer.  So now is the perfect chance to find what fits you and help our school and community grow as a whole.