What It’s Like to Have COVID-19

For over eight months now the United States has been in various stages of lockdown or restrictions due to the pandemic of coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID-19. Many choose to brush it off and believe it wasn’t so bad, and that we’ll all get over it soon enough.

Though eight months later, and America is topping the charts of COVID cases and deaths still. Inside reports however show the true horror of being diagnosed with the deadly disease. It’s not fun for anyone, and frightening for all. Physically, mentally, emotionally, COVID-19 is a struggle for anyone who has it, including their safe family members.

One anonymous person whose mother and brother were diagnosed COVID-19 positive said, “My family deals with some financial issues and that hit really hard, I was buying my own groceries for like, a month, at the same time my mom was without a job,” sharing how it hits people financially. They can lose their jobs and become broke. It’s always very hard, especially when you can only stay home.

The physical effects of COVID-19 vary from person to person and can be much worse for people with preexisting conditions or in high-risk groups. “Having asthma and epilepsy has made COVID extremely hard for me, many times I thought I was about to die. I can’t even wash my clothes without feeling like I’m about to pass out,” said Michelle, 17, from Texas.

COVID breaks down already healthy people, as it cripples people who already have health issues. COVID is not something to take lightly, as it is still spreading in the United States. Taking care of yourself becomes a massive chore when you have the virus, as Michelle says, “I am unable to see my family during the day, so I often need to take care of myself. I can’t stand at the oven for too long without feeling incredibly sick.”

The virus also affects these people mentally in very damaging ways, as BBCHS Athletic Director Mike Kohl, 45, says. “Despite teaching about depression and anxiety for many years, I’ve never faced it myself. I can now say I have.” Kohl has lived 45 long years of life without knowing what it’s like firsthand to feel depressed, but under stress of being in a life-threatening situation and not being able to ever see his six kids or his wife, it broke him down. “I felt like my family had abandoned me, even though I know they haven’t” said Kohl.

Michelle also opened up on her mental issues, as she says, “I felt completely alone. I lost all my motivation to do anything anymore, and I just wanted to lie down and give up. But I know I can’t give up. I can’t give up hope. Without it, there’s no reason for me to live anymore.”

This is a very scary time for many people. Many are afraid of catching COVID-19, and those with COVID are scared of dying. Life is very strange now, very unusual, but we must be able to be strong. We’re all together, even if it may not seem like it. Remember to wear a mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds thoroughly, practice social distancing, and stay safe. As Michelle and Mike know for themselves, you do not want to catch COVID-19.