New Star Wars Movie Concludes Skywalker Saga

Since its start, Star Wars has been a huge success, working its way into the hearts of many fans. It is ranked as the second most earning movie franchise, second only to Marvel. On December 20th, the final movie in the 9 part series, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be released and many people are excited for it. 

Star Wars was first released in 1977 with the movie A New Hope. It earned just over 1.6 billion dollars and was so successful that it spawned a series of movies that’s earned about 65 million. The franchise has been bought by Disney and they have released two new movies, with a third one about to come out. This movie will be the third part of the newest trilogy called the Skywalker Saga, and it has many fans excited, with the trailer gaining 32 million views. 

Star Wars has been a part of many generations as new trilogies are released throughout the years. The movies hold a special place in many people’s hearts. One of those people is Andrew Crawford, a student here at BBCHS. He’s excited to see the movie on opening night, and he was happy to answer a few questions.

He has been watching Star Wars ever since he was 4, and some of his favorites include Rogue One and A New Hope. His movie of choice has to be the third movie, Revenge of the Sith. One thing he complained about is Disney buying the franchise from Lucasfilm, stating, “They don’t have the same feeling behind them”. He also complained about the new trilogy, saying they don’t have the same feeling, but is excited nonetheless. His views are shared by many fans, but many are still very excited to watch the final episode. 

Ticket prices range from $7 to $10 for opening night, and comfy movie seats make the experience enjoyable. Go to the theatre on December 20th for a night of fun and excitement, and meet some new friends while you’re there.