Michael Myers has escaped and is back

Michael Myers is back this Halloween to give everyone a scare. The new movie hit theatres October 18.

The first Halloween was released in 1978, produced by John Carpenter, and was only given a budget of 325,000 dollars to create the film. It sounds like a lot of money but to create a movie that is a very low amount of money to work with. The film is based off of a true story but after the first movie did so well the producers decided to keep the marathon going. There are 11 total movies of the Halloween series and all have been very successful. It has been nine years since a Halloween movie has been released. The two most recent Halloween movies released were in 2007 & 2009 and were made by Rob Zombie.  


Seen again, Jamie Lee Curtis is the sister of Michael Myers and he has been trying to kill her for years. Michael killed his older sister Judith, her boyfriend, and his step dad when he was just a young boy. Michael has been in the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for 40 years. He doesn’t talk or barely even move because all he wants to do is escape and kill his sister, Jamie.


Michael Myers has always been a fan favorite to many people, especially around this time of the year. Mike Zuccollo explained why he loves the marathon so much and how he first started watching the films. “I started watching the movies when the first one came out, I was about 10 years old, and have continued to watch every single one since the series started. I enjoy the action a lot but what I enjoy more is the story line and how it all started when he was just a young boy. I plan on seeing the new movie as soon as I can when it releases.”

The film is rated a 8/10 by fans & and producers and was given a ten million dollar budget to produce. Michael Myers will return to Haddonfield this Halloween for another showdown with his sister. The new movie has many similar scenes from previous movies that give a flashback to show us what has lead to this point between Michael and Jamie. Jamie has been prepared for Michael to escape and you will see how in the film. This is a movie you will not want to miss.