Miles Apart but Closer Together

Micaela Leavitt, Staff Writer

How do you go on a romantic date when your significant other is over 1,000 miles away? Some may deem this task impossible, but there are couples that stand the test of distance and do some of the most thoughtful things to keep their not so typical relationships flourishing.

Logan Leavitt, 20, and Juliet Benoit, 19, have been on and off (mostly on) for six years and counting. Despite Leavitt being from Chicagoland and Benoit residing in Boston, they still have a fair share of  ‘date nights’. “Although we Skype practically every night to catch up, sometimes we both pop some popcorn and watch a movie together. It kind of sucks that we can’t share our popcorn and that we have to have a countdown every time we start or stop a movie, but it’s worth it,” Leavitt states.

While Logan Leavitt and Juliet Benoit share their movie nights, Ambria Riberto and Leah Yaquinto share their Saturday nights watching Saturday Night Live together. “Yes it’s extremely hard not being able to see her and go on date nights but I fell in love with her personality, and I’m truly committed to her. We make due whether it be through iMessage gaming or watching SNL, we still are able to do things that “typical” couples would,” Yaquinto emphasizes. Leah Yaquinto and Ambria Riberto have been on and off for almost two years now, with Yaquinto living in Pittsburgh and Riberto living here in Bradley. But distance aside, the two are constantly finding new ways to do things together without actually doing them together.

Many people will argue that long distance relationships cannot work due to the lack of physical contact, but both these couples beg to differ. Benoit shares, “It’s hard only seeing your significant other three times a year max, but it also forces you and allows you to build incredibly strong communication and a greater appreciation for the time spent physically together.” While Riberto, still not having met her girlfriend, states, “It really sucks always having to see people walk through the halls and hold their significant other’s hands and give them a hug goodbye…these things are so small, but people don’t realize how lucky they are to have it. I feel like it’s nice in a way though because so many people, especially our age, base all of their relationships off of being physical. With Leah and I, it has been strictly emotional and communicational.”

They have proven there are happy endings for those who persist. Both couples have stated their feelings of it being worth it, no matter the hardships and have not let the distance beat them. Benoit comes down to Chicago nearly every Christmas break to spend time with Leavitt while Riberto and Yaquinto are planning their first meeting in person for this summer. “I want to experience everything with my partner…I see people ice-skating, and I want to go with her. I hear about the festival of lights and I want to surprise her with it. I wouldn’t recommend a long distance relationship to anyone but I wouldn’t give mine up for the world,” insists Leavitt.

So the next time you think long distance relationships are impossible, think about how much harder these couples have to work, and think about how they are making it work. It’s not all about the physical love, it’s about the true feelings, and if it’s there, then it’s there. No matter the distance.