Adaptive P.E. Gives Opportunity to All


Coach Mike Kohl describes to the class the activity and plan for the day. The class would participate in baseball that day, with everybody participating in their own way.

Jakob Zirbel, Staff Writer

     Just three years ago, BBCHS special needs kids, or buddies, were sent to Camelot Therapeutic Day School for P.E. Coach Mike Kohl, Coach Brian Anderson, and Dr. Candice Limperis decided this was not right and wanted to make a class at BBCHS for the buddies. This was the start of Adaptive Physical Education.

     Adaptive P.E. is similar to a normal P.E. class with a very similar curriculum except for the adaptions for each specific buddy’s needs. There are currently approximately 24 students within the program and paired with each buddy is a non-special need student, or a Gen-Ed student. In order to get involved with this students must go through an application and interview process with teacher recommendation, only accepting enough students so that each buddy has a partner. Once in the program, buddies and Gen-Ed students partake in activities such as soccer and swimming. It is a great way for people who are not necessarily a part of the Best Buddies club to get involved with these students.

     But the students are not the only ones who want to get involved. Kohl is quoted saying, “It is a highlight of my day.” He teaches during fourth hour with Anderson, who says, “I can’t wait to get to my fourth hour, not that I don’t care about my other classes, but there is just something about that class.” They both agree that working with the buddies is an awesome experience. And the Gen-Ed students would most likely agree, since they braved and passed the application process. For those who are a sophomore or a junior and enjoy working with special needs kids, Adaptive P.E. might be for you.